How We Prevent Holes In Our Bread

How We Prevent Holes In Our Bread

Now that you all know some of the reasons for holes forming in gluten free bread, here is what BFree do to prevent them

Quality Standards

BFree have high quality standards and regulations in place in our bakery to ensure only products of the highest quality are made available to customers. At the point of quality control during production only products that meet the quality standards set are packaged and delivere

Trial New Batches

We continually trial batches of both new and old products to ensure there are no issues with our sensitive ingredients. Due to the lack of ingredients such as gluten that appear in normal breads it is important to consistently check our recipes and the substitutes used

Weekly Reviews

Each week a review of all products is carried out, this helps us to catch any changes in the appearance, texture or taste of any of our products. Any products not suitable for sale are not packaged

Hand check each loaf

Each loaf is hand checked by one of our bakers after it has been sliced, before packaging. Any loaf that appears with a hole larger than a pound coin is not packaged.